Learn how to design paper prototypes from Taral. Learn the techniques, get the deeper insights from him in a workshop mode.

On a very high level, here are the workshop contents:

1) Lets talk about the user experience design (UXD) domain
2) The homework before designing paper prototypes
3) Let’s get started on paper
4) Improvisation is the way
5) Beyond paper – the digital prototyping

Workshop takeaways: Orientation towards best practices in conceptualizing a product, practical insights in designing complex digital products, paper prototype templates for portal, mobile app design, uniquely designed product as gift (from curated design house) which you will use and not hide in your desk :). After 5 days, you will go back home with the paper sketches of your new breakthrough digital product.

Who can attend:  This workshop is open to designers and non-designers (product managers, development team members / leads, CxOs) who are passionate about the product design and are in the process of creating something new. We do not need great artists, this is not a sketching competition :).

Time / schedule: This is a 5-day workshop. Every day divided into three parts: 2 hours morning session, 1 hour lunch break, 3 hours design session, 2 hours design feedback and followup session.

If you are / your organization is interested, contact Taral on and +1-7324911666. Preferably, the workshop mode works great with groups. Specific individual requests can be accommodated too.

Stay tuned. The registration for workshop opens soon.

Shall keep you posted.

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